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  • 1.  How to anticipate call volumes

    Posted 01-23-2024 10:55 AM

    Hi folks!  I'm building my first facility, strictly a Boat/RV storage facility.  How much call volume can I expect to receive?  Is there a way to forecast a ballpark number of calls that I might get?  I have around ~160 spots.


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  • 2.  RE: How to anticipate call volumes

    Posted 01-23-2024 12:09 PM
    My response would be there is no way to tell. I am familiar with your area. If you are near the lake you should be full in a very short time. I know of a facility that is just outside of Decatur that was built. Completed. Advertised. Specials run, and last time I went by there they had 3 spaces occupied. I have seen facilities at 30% and 1 mile away anther at 95%. Location is always #1. Service is always #1.1 Price runs @#3 or 4.

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  • 3.  RE: How to anticipate call volumes

    Posted 01-24-2024 08:16 AM

    Have you done a market study on your location? That would be step one. Call volume would be hard to predict, but getting an accurate feel for the number of potential customers v. units available would be your first concern. Also contact your city/county and see if you can get info on potential new projects in the pipeline.

    Currently, in my area there has been a huge boom in construction of boat/rv units but a lot of them are sitting empty. I'm guessing those facilities were planned during the pandemic when boat and rv sales went through the roof and everyone was travelling. 

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