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  • 1.  Exit plan

    Posted 05-02-2024 02:17 PM

    So, I am trying to figure out a way to sale out, not interested rolling into a like property (1031 exchange).  Just retire and I am looking for some method to postpone / defer at least some of the taxes that will be owed.

    I could carry a portion.  I thought I had heard of a REIT potentially that would qualify in a 1031 exchange.

    Any other ideas?

    Thomas Kent
    United Storage of Bowie
    Bowie TX
    (972) 672-2120

  • 2.  RE: Exit plan

    Posted 05-03-2024 08:43 AM

    The amount of paper you are willing to carry could affect your exposure to capital gains. If you only carry a small portion of the purchase price, you could be more exposed to capital gains. I recommend consulting with your CPA to determine that percentage.

    Have you considered a 1031 exchange where you exchange into a Delaware Statutory Trust? DSTs come in all shapes and sizes and invest in various forms of real estate, including self-storage. Your CPA should be able to point you in the direction of a financial advisor who is familiar with the DST products. 

    Any UPREIT option is likely dependent upon the location and quality/class of the self-storage property in question in order for that to be a worthwhile solution. 

    I will email you some contacts who you can visit with directly regarding DSTs. 

    Jon Danklefs
    First Vice President - Investments
    Marcus & Millichap
    San Antonio TX
    (210) 343-7838

  • 3.  RE: Exit plan

    Posted 05-03-2024 08:44 AM

    I'm in the same boat Thomas.  My facility in Tomball TX is also for sale.  From what I've learned, taxes on taking the lump sum in one calendar year might be higher than taking it in multiple years as you could fall into a higher tax bracket.  However, taking it in multiple years might require owner financing in order to do so.  

    Mark Hansen
    Rosehill Storage
    (281) 351-8590

  • 4.  RE: Exit plan

    Posted 05-03-2024 10:06 AM
    I could carry the entire note with 20% down, but really would prefer to carry @ 1/3. 1031 Exchange into DST is what I am looking into, but not sure that is going to work for me. I might just continue to hold it. It's paid for and not a problem as long as my mgr stays in place. He is 1 mile away, I'm 3 hours away. $25k / month mailbox money is hard to give up.

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    Thomas Kent

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  • 5.  RE: Exit plan

    Posted 05-16-2024 09:24 AM

    Hi Mark,

    My partner and I own a facility in the Woodlands/Magnolia area and are looking to grow through acquisition. I live in the Tomball area, and we would love to try to find the next property in the general vicinity of our current facility to work some degree of hub-and-spoke. Are you open to seller financing to some degree on that property? If so, my partner and I would love to talk to you about it.

    Tony McNickle
    Woodlands Storage and Office
    Tomball TX
    (281) 787-9590