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Director of Sales,
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Alta 360 Research is an operational insight firm that specializes in Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience programs for many of the top Storage companies across the globe (we work with Cube Smart, Life Storage, and StorQuest just to name a few).

Some of the Programs our Clients in the Storage Industry utilize:


  • In-House Call Center: Utilize our staff of in-house callers who assists our clients with a variety of different services including phone evaluations, competitive price audits, track follow-ups, and even reach out to your current and past customer base for offers and promotions


  • Phone and On-Site Mystery Shop Programs: Have our independent contractors evaluate each of your location’s beginning to end sales process, follow up tracking, location and facility management with fully customizable website for reporting, scores, pictures, and anything else our clients desire


  • Competitive Intelligence Programs: Have our independent contractors evaluate what your competitors are doing compared to your locations, evaluate the competition’s pricing as well as sales processes, and facility up keep to help you keep the leg up at all times!


  • Customer and Employee Survey Programs: Utilize customizable forms to gauge overall satisfaction and loyalty for your current customer base as well as monitor overall employee engagement with our great survey program options



Some of the Updated Features we offer our clients:

  • We now have a much larger database of shoppers with over 1.5 million available and over 600,000 active shoppers. Active means they have completed work with us in the last 3 months.

Professional Associations

Mystery Shop Providers Association
1978 - Present