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I was introduced to self storage in 1993. My job description was rent units, sweep them out and deposit the rent payments into the correct bank account. Pretty easy right?!? I have no doubt if that is all I did I would not have kept that position for 20 years. Several years after I became the manager of the property I was invited to "invest". Four of the five owners sold me a small percentage of their interest and the managing member took me to the bank and instructed the banker to loan me the money to buy in. To my surprise I had the money in hand to purchase their interest that afternoon! In 2020, I was able to purchase the majority interest of the asset and am the managing member.

I also own and operate of Self Storage Science, LLC. We specialize in third party property management, auditing and manager training. We try to learn something new about self storage everyday. Whether it be new marketing ideas or ways to improve our operations. We manage 12 properties in Texas, Colorado and North Carolina - and have 20 amazing self storage staff members. We focus on maximizing revenue and and controlling expenses for the benefit of the owners we serve. Our managers are trained to provide professional service to our self storage customers. We live by, "Moving is Stressful, Self Storage Shouldn't Be!"

Self Storage Science offers consulting to anyone wanting to develop a new self storage property or improve their current operations.

And just for fun...I own a packing and shipping store. I am proud of my staff there! In 2019 & 2020 they were awarded the prestigious award of Top 100 Shippers from UPS!