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Ryan grew up with real estate in his blood. Ryan’s father, Mark Dooley has been a respected commercial and residential developer in the Montgomery County area for decades. Ryan’s brother, Sean Dooley, followed in similar footsteps. After graduating from Texas A&M in
2010 in the middle of the Great Recession, Ryan decided to follow in his family’s footsteps by obtaining his real estate license in late 2010.

Within the first two years, Ryan was consistently ranking in the top 3 for sales in his firm. However, in 2013, Ryan decided to join the family business and help grow a rental portfolio of over 100 residential rental units in Montgomery County.

In 2019, the decision was made by the family to sell the community of rental properties they had worked so hard to build and manage over the last 10 years. The sale closed mid-2019, leaving a gaping hole in Ryan’s day to day responsibilities. During the due diligence process,
Ryan began exploring self storage as a potential 1031 exchange after the sale of the properties. Through that exploration process, Ryan began to understand the asset type and consider it possibilities. Having started his own brokerage and graduated with an MBA in
Real Estate finance from the University of Houston in 2017, Ryan began to believe he could start something unique.

On January 1st, 2021, Ryan stepped away from the family business to begin growing CRD Realty’s commercial brokerage focusing on self storage assets. Since August of 2020, CRD Realty has represented and closed over 300K SF of self storage totaling nearly 2000 units.

Although Ryan does work a lot, he also loves spending time with his wife, children and mini Goldendoodle James. Family time usually involves wrestling, games, reading or a special treat for the kids! Ryan is also a licensed pilot and enjoys an occasional 18 holes.