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  • 1.  Required Documents

    Posted 05-17-2023 08:37 PM

    Hello All!

    What documents does your company require to lease for special storage. Ours requires driver's license, boat card, and trailer registration. All documents must be current and matching with address and name. We have received a lot of push back with these requirements though for several different reasons. With the response of, "I've never had so many documents required by other storage companies." or my favorite "I've never had to jump through so many hoops or provide so much information about my life to store my property before!" 

    Thank you!

    Ali Burgan
    Operations Manager
    Canyon Lake Storage
    San Antonio TX
    (210) 669-4021

  • 2.  RE: Required Documents

    Posted 05-23-2023 12:44 PM

    Hello Ali,
    I use the updated 2021 TSSA e-lease Rental Agreement for boats, vehicles, and trailers... which covers specific needs for the Special Storage items you refer to.  
    The document is particular and detailed oriented.  Frankly, the customer can complain, but that's their problem! They can choose to fill it out or not. I prefer they fill it out in its entirety. But, if they do not, and if I can ever visit with the renter, I tell them, "If there is a theft or issue, I cannot help the police identify their property."  

    **I use online rental software, and rarely do I meet a renter.

    I hope this helped,

    Caroline Hart
    Vice President
    X-15 Enterprises, LLC
    Jasper TX
    (409) 382-0266