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  • 1.  Management software recommendations

    Posted 02-06-2024 05:52 PM

    I currently have a company but about to acquire more units and trying to decide to stay where I am or move to new software altogether  before adding more to  what I have.   Just wanted feedback  from others .. I'm a one man show and do most everything myself and pretty happy with who I have but they have  made some recent changes  not as happy with them on tech support side and of course fees higher     Let me know what you think !  

    Lisa Christian
    Hwy 7 West Storage
    Center TX
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  • 2.  RE: Management software recommendations

    Posted 02-06-2024 07:57 PM
    Yes.  I know them.  I am hoping that a much bigger customer who is experiencing a larger impact will bring action. 

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