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  • 1.  Home Depot trailer

    Posted 02-22-2023 03:43 PM

    I have a trailer that is not being paid for and the tenant will not communicate at all. They rented the unit, paid for one month, and we have never seen or heard from them again. I sent off to the state for the ownership info to move forward with the lien process. It is in Home Depot's name. Can I just give it to Home Depot or do I still have to go through the whole lien process? I contacted the local Home Depot and the manager of the rentals department said he would come get it but I'm not sure if I can legally let him have it. Anyone have any advice on this?

    JoLea Conn
    OnSite Manager
    Richmond TX
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  • 2.  RE: Home Depot trailer

    Posted 02-23-2023 09:51 AM

    Good morning JoLea!!! 

    Did they sign the new vehicle lease with the towing law verbiage in it? If so, I would think that you could have it towed off the property by a towing company. If they decided to give it back to Home Depot that is on them but it wouldn't be your headache anymore. 

    Have a great day and keep me posted with the outcome. I'm sure it will come up somewhere at our place at some point!

    Terri Wood
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