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  • 1.  Beware of scammers

    Posted 11-09-2023 06:40 AM

    Got a call yesterday from a man claiming to be living in Houston but relocating to our area. He also claimed that his medical issues were preventing him from taking care of all of this in person so forth and so on. He was needing to store his boat for about 10 months and wanted to know how much that would cost and he would send us a check and was having a moving company bring his boat down from Houston. We gave him an amount, advised him that we could process his credit card over the phone and send him the lease to sign. 

    He did not want to use his credit card and stated he would send us a check instead after he called his bank. We hung up and he later texted and wanted to know if we could do him a favor. I said I would do what I could to help. He then informed me that he was sending a check for 2900 dollars and if we could deposit that and send the overage to the moving company....that would great. I texted back that I wasnt interested and blocked the number. 

    I know people that have fallen for this scam before. Just wanted to post on here and warn everyone this guy may be calling around trying to find someone to fall for this. 

    Have a good day.


    Carl Schach
    North Edinburg RV and Boat Storage LLC
    Edinburg TX
    (956) 533-1205

  • 2.  RE: Beware of scammers

    Posted 11-10-2023 08:06 AM

    This is a scam Carl.  Their check will bounce and you be out the money sent to the moving company.  

    Mark Hansen
    Rosehill Mini Storage
    (281) 351-8590