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  • 1.  Auction

    Posted 09-24-2023 12:40 PM

    We are a new facility and have not had to address the auction process yet.  I am wondering if it is worth the time and cost if you think the contents might not have much value?  If not, what do you recommend doing?    Also, can you recommend an online auction company?


    J Clint Robertson
    CLC Storage, LLC (Safe Simple Storage)
    Wichita Falls TX
    (940) 400-7233

  • 2.  RE: Auction

    Posted 09-25-2023 08:13 AM

    If you are foreclosing on the unit per chapter 59, I believe you are required to proceed with the auction process.  This involves giving the tenants a Notice Of Claim, waiting a certain amount of time then auction UNLESS the items are considered junk and have no value to the average person.  TSSA has the exact wording.  I use either selfstorageauctions.com or storageauctions.com.  Hope this helps.  

    Mark Hansen
    Rosehill Mini Storage
    (281) 351-8590

  • 3.  RE: Auction

    Posted 09-25-2023 11:18 AM

    I personally think that going through the auction process is the safest way in case the tenant were to ever come back and say anything. If you are going to the conference I would recommend talking to each of the online auction companies that are there and seeing what suits your facility the best. We use Storage Auctions because it is the one that best suits us but each company is different and has different needs.

    Terri Wood
    Executive Assistant
    Ideal Self Storage
    Waco TX
    (254) 301-4071