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  • 1.  Late fees

    Posted 11-23-2021 01:48 PM
    I purchased my facility about 12 years ago and kept most of the fees the same.  Would love to get an idea what others charge for fees?  Example: late fee (one or two fees), auction fee, overlock fee, etc.  
    Thank you 

    Mark Hansen
    Rosehill Mini Storage
    Marlin TX
    (281) 351-8590

  • 2.  RE: Late fees

    Posted 11-23-2021 02:16 PM

    This is a great question. Not all members have a fee associated with each line item in paragraph 4 of the lease. 

    Just a reminder that we have to be careful with sharing what members charge their tenants in regards to rents, rates, and fees due to anti-trust laws. TSSA cannot a provide a place for that to happen, online or in person so please do not include specific dollar amounts that you charge your tenants. You can ask questions about what you pay, i.e. how much do you pay for a newspaper ad or cleaning services, so you can pass the cost through or use as a guide for setting your rates/fees. We just can't have a public forum of members comparing their fees for customers.

    Kristy Breaux
    Deputy Executive Director
    Texas Self Storage Association, Inc.
    Round Rock TX
    (512) 374-9089

  • 3.  RE: Late fees

    Posted 11-25-2021 08:00 AM
    I have just recently increased late fees to having 2 fees, one after the 5th, then a larger fee after the 10th. By splitting this fee up the tenants are not penalized the same for the length of time they are late. My fees for foreclosure such as newspaper ads are much higher than the cost of the service. Most of the time you will not ever collect these fees. We do discount fees to the cost of service if the customer pays their balance before sale. Hopefully having the larger fees posted on the lease will help tenants try to avoid foreclosure.
    Hope this helps!

    Jeanne Dube
    Solid Ground Storage
    505 W US HWY 290
    Elgin, Tx 78621