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  • 1.  Do I evict ??

    Posted 10-26-2021 01:59 PM
    I need to evict and I have avoided it long enough.  I have put this off because it is hard and I don't really know what to do!!  I have asked questions, but even when given answers, I don't completely understand.  Maybe someone might have the patience to help here.  
    I am looking at step 1 of the "step-by step eviction procedures"' on page 255 of the Gold Book and step one has got me.   It states "Give the required notice." Here is my situation. 
    1) I have the truck of a tenet who died (The only reason I know is that I saw the obit. online).  I had a rental agreement for a storage unit and did a forclosure for it.  I mailed the notice of foreclosure to the only address I had and it was returned to me.  The former owner of my facility did not get him to sign a lease for the truck.  I have been told I have to evict.  I already know I can not send him/ his estate anything because it didn't work the first time. 
    2) There is a lot of great stuff in an "empty" unit.  I confirmed with the past tenet and they definitely moved completely out.  I was just checking that it was properly swept out and that is when I saw all the good stuff.  No lock, but very organized stuff.   I can't send them notice because I don't know who it is. 
    3) There is a lock on an empty unit.  I didn't cut it yet,  but like in story #2, I don't know who owns the lock or the stuff in it.
    SO, the previous owner has some cool magnetic eviction signs.  I put them up on the 2 units and on the truck and made a video stating the day and time.  I have no idea if this helps.   
    What should I do next? ​

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