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  • 1.  Governor Abbott - Texas

    Posted 03-04-2021 10:01 AM
    Starting March 10th in Texas, Governor Abbott states we no longer have to wear masks and 100% open. This will be interesting. I will continue to wear mine. Y'all's thoughts? Only 13% of Texans have received the vaccine and only 7% have received both.

    Lisa Hauberg

  • 2.  RE: Governor Abbott - Texas

    Posted 03-04-2021 10:51 AM
    Hello Lisa,

    Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Have you seen the new changes to your old site in Irving?

    Managers are continuing to wear masks and signs on our doors are still advising customers to do the same. We will continue till everyone is confident and comfortable in this new post-Covid world.  


    Raheem Amer
    SVP - Operations
    Devon Self Storage Holdings (US) LLC
    Frisco TX
    (630) 660-2637

  • 3.  RE: Governor Abbott - Texas

    Posted 03-04-2021 11:10 AM
    At our stores, We are still wearing masks and taking precautions to keep our employees and customers healthy.  I believe customers expect a clean and healthy atmosphere, including COVID precautions.

    I love the Texas spirit of freedom and leaving individuals/businesses to make their own decisions.  The fact is, new COVID cases have not been on a decline for long.  See the link below to track Covid cases: COVID STATISTICS

    J.D. Blacklock
    Blacklock Storage, LLC
    Fort Worth TX
    (254) 717-0229 (cell)

  • 4.  RE: Governor Abbott - Texas

    Posted 03-04-2021 11:30 AM
    We at SurePont Self Storage are still requiring our managers to wear face masks and expect customers to do the same. We think many customers will only deal with vendors that respect their safety and hence wear face masks. Personally if I see a vendor unmasked, I turn stound and walk out.

    I know CubeSmart is still requiring managers to wear masks at three stores they manage for us. Their covid protocol is unchanged by Abbott decision.

    Robert Loeb
    SurePoint Self Storage
    Houston TX
    (713) 968-9862

  • 5.  RE: Governor Abbott - Texas

    Posted 03-07-2021 10:41 PM
    Our managers will continue wearing masks and we will keep our mask signs posted. We will serve customers who chose not to wear a mask.

    Michael Meylor
    Neutron Corporation
    San Antonio TX
    (210) 630-9539

  • 6.  RE: Governor Abbott - Texas

    Posted 03-08-2021 10:50 AM
    We will continue to wear masks and keep our counter shield in place. I agree that we need to be proactive in our responsibility to our customers.

    Jeanne Dube
    Solid Ground Storage
    Elgin TX
    (512) 281-5779

  • 7.  RE: Governor Abbott - Texas

    Posted 03-12-2021 03:49 PM
    Our county leaders are still urging people to wear masks and socially distance so I believe most people will keep wearing the masks. Our staff will wear masks and our office set up creates a natural counter distance between staff and customers. We will not require customers to wear masks, it will be their choice.

    JoLea Conn
    OnSite Manager
    Richmond TX
    (281) 341-7867