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Section 4 (h), Charge Per Day

  • 1.  Section 4 (h), Charge Per Day

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hello. My husband and I are working through the details of the e-lease agreement and wanted to get clarification for this part...

    In section 4 (h), what is your charge per day under 39(c) or if Tenant fails to lock space (35(a) or move vehicle (18(6))?

    It seems to contradict this... "In section 4 (g), what is your charge for locking space when unlocked or improperly secured?"

    Totally at a lost as to what fee should be put there but also a little unclear the difference and when it applies.

    If anyone could elaborate or call/text me, it would be so appreciated. 214-934-0534

    Heather Stalling

    Ryan Stalling
    Steel Roots Storage LLC
    Waxahachie TX
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