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One Time Consuming Tenant

  • 1.  One Time Consuming Tenant

    Posted 26 days ago
    I have one Tenant who ever since he got here has taken up so much of my time.
    He is in the wholesale spices, produce, etc business.
    We have warehouse units (12x30, 12x40, 24x40) in the back of our property.
    We also have a very large walk in cooler and freezer that each unit inside is chained off (chain link fence) that are rented like wine storage, by the cubic feet.
    This customer has produce that he has put in the cooler but caused a mess and we had him move out.
    He put coconuts and spices in 2 - 12x40 units and other stuff.
    About 19 days ago, we had an incident where his produce was creating fruit flies or nats that would fly into the other warehouse units that would then get us complaints as many companies work out of their units.
    Also ... he never pays on time, always an excuse and then complains about late fees.
    Finally after giving him a 15 notice to vacate, my wife worked up an agreement that he must pay on (THE VERY DAY HE IS DUE) or he would be redlocked.
    Why did she make that agreement?  Because he came to her and said that he just could not find another place to go to in the 15 alloted days.
    Now here we are day 17 of the 15 day notice to vacate and he is still here.  He has about a $1000 past due balance.
    I guess my options are to have a company haul away the food stuff in his units and take them to the dump.
    Tell him to move out (which I have already done) and waive the $1000 past due just to clear him out.
    Or What?  Just not sure and would like your input.
    We have a great facility, little issues but this one guy is by far the one who takes up more of my time than any other tenant.

    David Fisher
    General Manager
    Fisher Global Development, LLC D/B/A Imperial Storage Solutions
    Sugar Land TX
    (281) 794-2361

  • 2.  RE: One Time Consuming Tenant

    Posted 25 days ago
       Cut your losses now in order to preserve the good tenants and your good reputation. I know it is hard but it is good business. Good luck and happy renting!

    Gerry Lewis
    Noah's Ark Self Storage
    Buda TX