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  • 1.  Property not in Tenant's Name

    Posted 07-05-2022 09:05 AM
    Hi, Everyone--

    I'm still only a few months into our first RV/Boat/Trailer storage facility.  I've encountered my first delinquent payment.  The customer did not make her second month payment and her phone numbers are not working.  Notified her by text and email that her gate code has been removed.  Reading the literature to try to determine next steps.  

    In reading her contract (I use the TSSA template) she provides the name and address of the boat title, which is not in her name.  I was hoping some of you may have encountered a similar situation?  How does it change the process?  She could have bought and never transferred the title.  Or, she could be storing it for the individual.  Not sure.  Any guidance from past experience would be so much appreciated.

    Have a great day!


    Lori Tyler
    The Welcome Mat Storage
    San Antonio TX
    (254) 640-1722

  • 2.  RE: Property not in Tenant's Name

    Posted 07-07-2022 06:37 AM
    Our policy has been to never rent to someone unless they have title or bill of sale to prove they own the vehicle. However as you know mistakes happen. I would try to contact the owner on title and ask them to pay rent and retrieve vehicle. The only other option would be to evict the tenant and cut your losses.

    Good luck.

    Jeanne Dube
    Solid Ground Storage
    505 W US HWY 290
    Elgin, Tx 78621