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  • 1.  Open Tech Kiosks

    Posted 12-21-2023 12:58 PM

    Do any of you have a kiosk through Open Tech?  What are your thoughts?  We installed the kiosk slightly over a year ago and have had issue after issue as we have replaced the bill exchanger four times this year, the screen, etc.  Wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.  We use Syrasoft as our software provider and have wanted to switch to their payment processor, Syrapay, but it isn't compatible with the kiosk.  I've been trying to work with Syrasoft and Open Tech to get it programmed to accept their payments, with no success.  

    Maralee Foster
    JDLV Properties, Ltd.
    Wimberley TX
    (210) 349-0404