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  • 1.  Storage Software

    Posted 03-12-2021 10:01 AM
    We use Sitelink and are considering changing since it is so expensive and we only have one facility. Has anyone changed from Sitelink and like their new software better? Does anyone really like their software and recommend it?

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  • 2.  RE: Storage Software

    Posted 03-15-2021 08:57 AM
    Edited by Sarah Cole 03-15-2021 09:10 AM
    We switched from Sitelink to Webselfstorage years ago.  It has its pros and cons just like any software packages does.

    Pros: It is very user-friendly for managers and was very easy to learn. The online reservations,  rentals, and payment systems are pretty easy for customers to use as well.  The merchant fees for credit cards are cheaper than we have seen from any other program.  And at $45 per month (less if you rent trucks), the cost just can't be beaten.

    Cons: You get what you pay for.  The reporting is not 100% accurate.  The management summary does not always tie back to the move-in/move-out report, or the unit mix report.  The way the system writes off auctioned units is also difficult to go back and reconcile when closing out the month.  Our account department hates the way the system reports income.

    We have looked at several packages over the years and no one can provide us exactly what we need as a company.  So we continue to stick with software that is the most cost-effective.  We know where the issues are, and work around them. But we have decided that there is no point in switching to more expensive software, at least until we find something that does everything we need.

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