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  • 1.  Looking for my 1st facility

    Posted 07-13-2021 07:49 PM
    Hello TXSSA members.  My name is Bryan Powers, a new TXSSA member, out of McKinney, TX.  I've been doing single family home real estate investing for about 10 years and very interested in expanding into self storage.  If you have or know of an opportunity around the DFW area (looking at an approx. 3 hour radius around DFW), I'd be interested in discussing it with you.

    Thanks and I look forward to meeting other members at upcoming events.

    Bryan Powers

    Bryan Powers
    Donoyle Holdings
    McKinney TX
    (972) 754-9697

  • 2.  RE: Looking for my 1st facility

    Posted 08-12-2021 02:10 PM


    My name is Paul Williams with Walsh Company in New Braunfels. I don't know if you're looking to buy or build, but I have an 8.22 acre SS site on a 2 lane Texas highway located 1 minute from I-35.

    This location has continued to improve since rezoning was approved. In addition to the existing residential developments, homes are now under construction in Highland Grove, a 50 acre subdivision to my west. And Bella Vista Homes just purchased all lots at Highland Gardens, a 56 acre residential development on my eastern property line. Another 150 homes are planned in the 44 acre development near 1044 and Green Valley Road, which was approved last year. And City Council just approved another 60 acre residential development located directly across the road from me.

    The City of NB has also recently approved and funded a $56M Sports Complex 2 miles down the road from me, where several additional residential developments are under construction; 2 new schools are being built there as well. Traffic between I-35 and all of these developments will pass my property. The real value in this property comes from the fact that I was able to get approval on a SS project before the residential developments were approved; there would probably be much more opposition now. I don't think there are many Self Storage locations as good as mine. I'm also approved for Office Warehouse units, and I have completed condominium docs from my attorney that will allow for sale of any building or unit within a building on the property

    Please contact me if interested


    Paul Williams
    New Braunfels TX
    (830) 743-6138

  • 3.  RE: Looking for my 1st facility

    Posted 08-12-2021 04:00 PM
    Hi Paul,

    Sounds like a good location however I'm looking for an existing facility to start off with and something within a 3 hour radius around the Dallas area.  I appreciate you reaching out.

    Bryan Powers

    Donoyle Properties