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  • 1.  Using AI To Analyze Data

    Posted 18 days ago

    I am part of Diamond Self Storage Management, headquartered in Houston, Texas. With a career spanning 20 years in the US Air Force, specializing in systems administration, cybersecurity, and comprehensive IT management, my focus has always been on leveraging technology to drive efficiency and performance.

    Given my deep involvement in technology, I'm curious if any of you are utilizing AI tools to analyze facility data and provide actionable insights. As our website developer and database administrator, I've integrated a system for our property metrics to interface with ChatGPT, enabling data analysis against our predefined criteria. This integration empowers us to proactively manage our properties by generating actionable tasks for our managers to enhance performance metrics and increase revenue and property value for investors.

    Additionally, ChatGPT facilitates the creation of structured agendas for site visits by our Home Office staff, ensuring alignment with data-driven insights. This tool augments our auditing processes, optimizing operational effectiveness and revenue generation while minimizing collection efforts.

    Are any of you employing similar technologies in your operations? If you're interested in learning more about this tool and its potential impact, feel free to reach out. I'm available to discuss how we can collaborate to implement similar technology in your operations and provide consultation on integrating advanced AI solutions.

    I believe the self-storage industry can benefit significantly from advancements in cybersecurity and AI. 


    Justin Small

    Justin Small, US Air Force (Retired)
    Executive Vice President
    Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC
    (713) 817-2388