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  • 1.  newspaper ads

    Posted 07-16-2021 04:26 PM
    Two questions....1) If I am advertizing an online auction in the paper for 5 separate units at my facility, can they all be in the same ad or do I have to run 5 separate ads?
    2) and this is a weird one.....My storage facility is right on the edge of our town.  It is in the city limits of Odessa, but it is in Midland County.  It is a strange overlap area with a whole set of odd problems.  SO!!! When I have to advertise an auction, do I advertise in the Odessa or Midland paper?  The rule is "In the county where the facility is located".  Does it really matter?
    This will be my first try at this and I want to get it all right!

    Jennifer Douglas
    Permian Trinity Storage
    Odessa TX
    (432) 894-3301

  • 2.  RE: newspaper ads

    Posted 07-17-2021 09:13 AM
    From what I understand auction listings need to be done to the letter of the law as a CYA for if ever you are challenged in court.  List it in the county the business is located in. 

    My company often lists multiple units and or locations in one long ad. Be sure to put all of the required details in the ad. 

    Sounds like you're going to have an in person auction. Some online storage auction platforms will check your "paperwork" before the auction posts as a benefit of using their platform.  This might be something to consider down the road. 

    Good luck! 

    Justin Vosburg
    Affordable Attic Self Storage

  • 3.  RE: newspaper ads

    Posted 07-19-2021 11:26 AM
    I would like to re-write my response given above.  A pointed reminder to not respond to an article on a Saturday morning before my brain is fully engaged, the day really gets going and my 4 kids begin to seek out my full attention.  Here is my re-write to the above questions.

    From what I understand, having been self storage for 8 years, is that auction listings need to be posted in the county your facility is located in.  We have multiple facilities across 2 different counties and we make sure to post listings in the county the facility belongs in.  If you wanted to put a listing in the adjacent county to increase visibility and hopefully turn out it's not required but might be a good idea.  To answer the question specifically if the Odessa paper has circulation in Midland county, that would be a viable option.  They might be able to tell you exactly where and when the listing will be posted.

    As for question #1 you can list 5 units in 1 listing​.  You will need to include all of the required information for each unit.  We have listed multiple storage units in the same ad space and have also done multiple sites in the same ad space.  We make sure to list the site address and then the place of the auction, if different from location of storage unit.  

    The purpose of the auction listings is to fulfill contract law, specifically the contract you have with your tenant.  Connie would recommend keeping copies of the listing and other related documentation about the ad to keep with the auction unit records.  This is to cover yourself should someone bring a lawsuit against you for an improper sale of their contents.  Connie Heyer had some great TSSA legal council segments at previous TSSA events.  This is how we do our auctions.

    Justin Vosburg
    Affordable Attic Self Storage/Attic Corporation
    Harlingen TX

  • 4.  RE: newspaper ads

    Posted 08-14-2021 02:29 PM
    Do you mind sharing how much an ad would cost? I have never done it and I am curious what the cost is?

    Milad Saidian
    D&W Self Storage
    Houston TX
    (346) 396-1122

  • 5.  RE: newspaper ads

    Posted 08-16-2021 01:43 PM
    The cost of the ad is dependent on the length of the advertisement. The more units you are trying to auction the bigger the ad is going to be. The price will change based on the word count.

    Raheem Amer
    SVP - Operations
    Devon Self Storage Holdings (US) LLC
    Frisco TX
    (630) 660-2637