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After you enter a customer unit?

  • 1.  After you enter a customer unit?

    Posted 03-11-2021 10:08 AM
    Great article today by Connie Heyer for TSSA newsletter titled "When Can I Enter a Unit?"

    Many managers struggle with this topic and the after-effects of entering. The customer has never come in and put their own lock on the unit. We see this all the time...when we pick up new properties. Managers spend weeks (if not months) chasing a customer. 

    My suggestion has always been to contact the customer and give them a deadline (48 hrs or 72 hrs) to put their own lock on the unit. If they don't come to the property by the deadline...you put a lock on the unit and mail the keys to the address on file. This way we no longer have access to the unit and minimizes our liablity.

    Has anyone tried a different approach?

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